Writing a novel where to start


But I told you about it six years ago! Are you a closet novelist? Maybe you have great ideas but you wonder how to start. To nobel things easier, I asked five experts how to start a novel. It involves nothing but thought, and listening to my gut. Does the idea have the legs required to last the length of a novel?

Because writing a book is the equivalent of a literary marathon, and not every concept has what it takes to go the distance. The birth of an obsession.

From Therese Walsh, WriterUnboxed. Apply the litmus test You have an idea for a novel — a rough idea. Brainstorming your idea is crucial.

Also coming soon is his compilation book of writing advice from this very blog: When asked what was the hardest part of writing the ending for A Farewell to Arms after rewriting it thirty-nine times Ernest Hemingway famously replied, "Getting the words right". I used to write either one or two pages per chapter, and I started each chapter on a new page. When you have reached the point where you have written too solid draft of your novel, you can start editing your work.

Most ideas are, well, just good ideas. Nor will timely themes or cool whee ideas. You need four key ingredients that really gel before you can even begin to plot out a storyline. A Protagonist with a Goal—an intriguing, compelling goal driven by a core need. A Conflict with High Stakes: Not just small personal stakes but ones that affect those around her or him, or the world at large.

Writing a novel where to start

There needs to be something truly unique or riveting about your concept to take it out of the realm of ordinary and boring. A Theme with Heart: Every story has some kind of theme. The best novels have the best themes. Why are you excited about this idea? What message do you see this book conveying, and why is it relevant, universal, and important?

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Of course, wruting all novels have to have these components. But the lasting ones—the ones worthy of being written—will.

Writing a novel where to start

Spin straw into gold Ideas are free, and everyone has them. Unfortunately, a great novel can never fly on the wings of a fantastic idea. It will only find the sky after the author roots themselves to the notion: Potential brilliance can easily be stillborn when a writer wrestles with worry. Get those fingers t instead, deftly and fast enough writlng spin your straw into gold. For me, writing comes in three phases. The first draft is the fastest, and invariably the most important.

How To Start (and Not Start) Your Novel

In the first draft, I write writing a novel where to start myself, and always with the door closed. No one ever sees those words. The first draft is me getting out of my own way.

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In this draft I write as fast as I can without stopping. The next draft is revision. I usually spend longer here than I do on the first. The final draft is a polish, writing a novel where to start I make my words sing in their intended key. In the first draft I get it said, in the second I say what I mean, in the third I say it well.

The most important part is to get the story out of your head and onto the page where you can manipulate your words into something better.


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