Writing a novel getting started in


She lives in Vermont with her family.

Visit her website or connect with her on Twitter. Make her flawed and believable.

Writing a novel getting started in

Let her live and breathe and give her the freedom to surprise you and take the story in unexpected directions. Give that character a compelling problem.

At the heart of every story is conflict — whether external or internal, make it a good one, and remember that wriing problem is going to shape your character, leaving her forever changed. Pay it Forward — 11 Ways You Can Help a Friend Market Gettibg New Book.

Readers hate cheap tricks. You don't have to decide on the point of view of the novel before you write the first sentence. These instincts are often things we take for granted, but becoming aware of your curiosity is the first step to finding ideas. Develop your own style. You learned to use a word-processor. Every story has some kind of theme.

In my books, I make sure something important to the plot is happening in each scene. Ah, you say, but you sometimes write stories with ghosts and fairies — how believable is that?

It works if you make it believable in the universe of the book. I gave her a history and compelling reason to return. Readers hate cheap tricks.

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Stick with it the project. Then work twice as hard to revise it.

Do your best to get it out in the world. In the meantime, write another. Trust me, you get better every time.

Then you can do your rewrites based on the suggested changes. Inspiration comes in infinite forms! My attitude is that if it works for you, then use it. Buy them a couple of pocket protectors and a box of red pencils. There are a thousand different methods. Whatever genre you like or choose to focus on, you should read as many novels as possible within that genre if you haven't already. The standard stuff such as birthdate, description, history, motivation, goal, etc. I have seen writers triple their fiction writing speed overnight, while producing better quality first drafts than they usually produce on a third writing. Oh, but there are so many reasons why this would be a terrible idea.

It took me four books, two agents and seven years to get my first novel published. It was a long tough road, but so, so worth it in the end!

When you go to a new city, where do you want to go first? This is the analog of the second stage of the snowflake. Let me propose an even simpler view. What do you have to lose? Write your own dang blog post. That's when you observe something, let it slip into your subconscious where it gets processed, and at some point, returns wtiting to your conscious. This is particularly true when you first start writing fiction because there is a huge gap between the books that you love and the pitiful first draft you have created. It was such a pure pleasure to put together this issue that I wanted to share some of my favorite tips from its pages here.

I think the work comes out better when we leave all that behind; when the only thing to be true to is the writing.



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