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Tolkien and tagged advice to writersbooks on writingcs lewis read article jrr tolkienhow to write a novelhow to write like tolkienJ. Tolkienlewis and tolkienthe lord of the ringstolkien's letterswritingWriting Techniqueswriting tips. In a way I have. I have hogbit been a fan of J. This year I will read it to my children and do all the voices for them. Tolkien was a brilliant writer, but what if we could sit down with him and ask him any question we wanted?

What if he writkng give writers advice about their own writing from his years of experience as an incredible storyteller? This is possible if we read his letters. Tolkien, edited by Humphrey Carpenter.

  • Tolkien wished to imitate Morris's prose and poetry romances, [18] following the general style and approach of the work.
  • Rowling 's Harry Potter series —
  • Click or tap to view full size The map of the world of Middle Earth where Tolkien sets his series, by contrast, is less surreal and more similar to medieval maps:

I once spent the better part of a month reading it cover to cover and underlining every instance where the master of Middle Earth wrote about his process. What follows are the best of those notes: The Lord of the Teh has a worldwide following, has inspired films, video games, animated features, songs, poetry, source fiction and countless other things, yet its author felt that in reality it may not be that important to the world.

He did, and there are pages of letters where he struggles with the process of publication. He was not, writing a fantasy novel the hobbit any way, a vain man, especially about his writing. Keep a Stiff Upper Lip — In another letter to Sir Stanley Unwin dated July 21,Tolkien lists a mound of personal struggles he was facing: He put many of his struggles aside, though, and went to writing. He had to balance his day job with his desire to write epic stories set in Middle Earth.

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It took him 7 years to write The Hobbit. Apparently he found a way. Listen to Critics — Tolkien writes to his editor about the comments C. That happened with the scene I think is the best in the book, the confrontation between Gandalf and his rival wizard, Saruman, in the ravaged city of Isengard. He listened carefully to wgiting and understood that they would hone his writing down to something that would be well received by many. We must learn to use the advice of critics to help us become better writers.

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Probably the most telling letter of the entire collection would be his letter to Christopher Bretherton dated July 16th, The dantasy are the highlights of that text: Let Your Interests Drive Your Writing — Tolkien wrote: I am primarily a scientific philologist. My interests were, and remain, largely scientific. But I was also interest in traditional tales especially those concerning dragons ; and writing not reading verse and metrical devices.

He loved to create his own languages based on more ancient ones of which he was intimately familiar. He followed his interests enough to create entire ffantasy based on these languages and then wrote stories about them which then became legend. He wrote about what interested him most. If you are writing something that is not really in your heart, you will write something flat and lifeless. Let the words of your text pour directly from your personal interests.

If you cannot write the prose in a convincing manner, try composing your thoughts in the form of verse. It will cause your brain to think deeply about the phrasing, the structure and the literary devices needed to excel in writing prose. I have personally practiced writing technique and it makes a profound difference in the quality of my th once it finally makes it to the page.

Sometimes accidents happen, and sometimes those accidents will lead a writer to a publisher or create an entire novel. Tolkien created entire worlds and then used what he knew of myth and legend to tell iconic, archetypal stories based in those magical places. Even though he planned everything out meticulously, hbbit still had happy accidents occur that he kept in the final manuscript because they just worked.

Sometimes accidents can be blessings. Dreams Give Us Inspiration — Go here writes: It still occurs occasionally, though now exorcised by writing about it. It always ends by surrender, and I awake gasping out of the deep water. I used to draw it or write bad poems about it.

He goes on novek write of the process he used to incorporate this feeling of being drowned in the invasion of Middle Earth by Mordor. He also worked this into many of his motifs: I use dreams to inspire me as well.

  • Farm boy saves the day.
  • The plot and characters combined the ancient heroic Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian epics Tolkien studied at Oxford University with the middle-class rural England in which he lived and felt comfortable.
  • Readers have commented on the fact that Tolkien presents in this book and in The Lord of the Rings trilogy a very complete, unified vision of the world, but there is no sense of a Judeo-Christian God — or any god — presiding over it.

Real People Make Great Characters — Tolkien: To amuse my boys I named him Gaffer Gamgee, and the name became part of family lore to fix on old chaps of the kind. The choice of Gamgee was primarily directed by alliteration; but I did not invent it.

It was caught out of childhood memory, as a comic word or name. Tolkien drew from real life people to populate novfl amazing world of Middle Movel.

He listened carefully to critics and understood that they would hone his writing down to something that would be well received by many. Our oldest literature is fantasy fiction. The Hobbit may be read as Tolkien's parable of World War I with the hero being plucked from his rural home and thrown into a far-off war where traditional types of heroism are shown to be futile. A book for everyone There are a number of reasons why The Hobbit is an excellent fantasy novel, but what makes it the fantasy novel? We must learn to use the advice of critics to help us become better writers.

Many of the people you spend time with every day may make fantastic characters in your novel. Many of the people who litter the post-apocalyptic landscape of my novel are based on real people. You May Be the Next Best Selling Author — Tolkien relates the following story: I mention this only because in Beaufort road was a house, occupied in its palmier days, by Mr.

Writing a fantasy novel the hobbit

Shorthouse, a manufacturer of acids, of I believe Quaker connections. He, a mere amateur like myself with no status in the literary world, suddenly produced a long book, which was queer, exciting, and debatable — or seemed so then, few now find it possible to read.

In using his elf-blade Bilbo finally takes his first independent heroic action. For example, Gollum's riddles are writing a fantasy novel the hobbit from old historical sources, while those of Bilbo come from modern nursery books. Countering a presentist interpretation are those who say this approach misses out on much of the original's value as a children's book and as a work of high fantasy in its own right, and that it disregards the book's influence on these genres. This is perfectly fine. An important concept in anthropology and child developmentanimism is the idea that all things—including inanimate objects and natural events, such as storms or purses, as well as living things like animals and plants—possess human-like intelligence. In the UK The Hobbit has not retreated from the top 5, books of Nielsen BookScan sincewhen the index began, achieving a three-year sales peak rising from 33, to,and 61,ranking it at the 3rd position in Nielsens' "Evergreen" book list.

It slowly took on, and eventually became a best-seller, and the subject of public discussion from the Prime Minister downwards. This was John Inglesant. Shorthouse became very queer, and very UnBrummagem not to say UnEnglish. He was surprised by the success of his first book and also of the others. He felt, literally, that his best-selling nature was a complete accident. This gives all writers hope, but know that he did not achieve his status without following many of the tips listed in this post.

Books You Write May Seem Trite — Tolkien writes: You may feel that way about books you have written. I have several I would like to go back and revisit now that I know more about the process. This is perfectly fine.

Writing a fantasy novel the hobbit

All quotations are taken from the following text: The Letters of J.


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