Writing a fantasy novel in a week


I took part in November and wrote a little over What I did was just write, whatever came into my head, without caring much for perfect style or story logic.

Explore all facets of a story. You should, in general, have the following as a bare minimum: Instead, learn how to write fantasy series that bear your own stamp. Set Your Goals But Know Your Limits What is a novel, to wek Moorcock used it specifically to write sword-and-sorcery action-adventure, but I think it could be applied more-or-less to any kind of potboiler.

I later went over the whole thing more slowly and rewrote to polish the language and clean up plot holes. Personally, I didn't much think or worry about how to do this, because I had some previous writing experience. But there are tips on the NaNoWriMo website and in their forums, as well as in a book published by the founder of the event which I have but didn't yet read.

Writing a fantasy novel in a week

I've been considering writing a novel for years and I now anticipate doing so in November. Also, this is excellent advice.

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Writing a book novep two weeks and taking it seriously, in my opinion, does not mean producing a novel ready to publish in two weeks but rather producing a novel-length manuscript which will subsequently require heavy editing. Just don't worry about plot and let your unconscious lead you.

You can always clean up later, but while you write it is most important that you keep writing. You can use the time until November to come up with a story seed: But I advise you not to plot, although some people nnovel.

How to Write a Fantasy Novel

It's a classic formula: In some way the reader needs to connect with something that, at fatnasy sight, may seem odd or even alien. These will be your chapters! For a June 1st deadline I would try for May 10th start writing date. Then I started, often writing the book in seven or ten days, one draft, and turning it in on time.

For your current project, these are my suggestions: Plan out how much you plan to write fanatsy day to meet your goal of pages in 2 weeks. That's approximately 7 pages fzntasy day, but you'll probably want some time to revise, so go for pages a day.

Jot down your ideas when you're not writing. If sudden inspiration strikes and you can't write at the moment, record them so you don't forget later. Don't worry too much about logistics at first.

First "dump" and just write all your ideas. Keep going and don't dwell too much on the perfect word or way to phrase something. You can polish all of that during the editing period. Stopping too often to change details will make you lose your train of thought.

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It's bound to happen. Find out what works for you e.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2. Identifiable Characters No matter how extreme the world, the reader needs to be able to identify with the characters It doesn't matter if your character has three blue heads, believes all animals are devils in disguise or knows they are the reborn incarnation of a god. Part one, hit your hero with a heap of trouble. Go Public Yes, we writers are solitary creatures. Just don't worry about plot and let your unconscious lead you. Death is No Obstacle, in which he discusses his writing method. In reality, a good fantasy novel is arguably as tough and demanding to write as an historical one or indeed, any kind of fiction that requires specialist knowledge. Could I put my butt in a chair and leave it there for eight hours a day?

Every writer has their own preferences. I hope you find this project enjoyable and very rewarding.

  • Anything without an end is an unfinished novel, not a novel.
  • I took part in November and wrote a little over
  • An object to be obtained -- limited time to obtain it.


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