Methods used in writing a novel


How To Use the Snowflake Technique to Write A Novel Kate Gordon June 27, at 2: Trenten June 22, at 5: This is a little more structured than I like to be at the very beginning, but you offered up some crucial tips about what to think about, what to look for, and to create a plot and characters which will keep moving forward. Reply Jesse Greathouse June 19, at 2: I thought people would find it an interesting this web page on how I put this theory into practice, and why.

Reply A Mansbridge February 7, at 8: I like the steps you use and will aim to utilise this structure to help with my novel outline.

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Thank you for making the snowflake method simple to follow. Reply Juliana January 3, at 8: Helped me out alot! Reply Leena September 7, at I never wrote that story as planned, but Snowflake certainly helped me to make the plot and characters clear in my head. The story line I created with Snowflake for was used as basis of the novel I have now written — I just took another angle to the story. My writing style is such that the characters seem to surprise me by doing unplanned things and the story goes to quite another direction than my original intention was, but I think the Snowflake is still good to use.

You can tweak your story line later, if necessary, or create a completely new one. For writers whose writing seems to be all over the place, the method can give a nice framework and maybe some discipline to write. Reply Damian Wojakowski July 22, at 1: I want to add that scrivener eases the snowflake method more than a word software.

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Step 3 The above gives you a kethods view of your novel. Will using an outline reduce the number of rewrites I have to do? You start at the beginning and write the entire thing in sequence. Now take a week and expand the one-page plot synopsis of the novel to a four-page synopsis. In Casablanca, Ilsa comes to Rick after closing time to explain why she left. Nor did she complain of her labors, for she was very proud of being able to care for her mother and father as a son would have done. Jill is Jack's best friend. And I bet the book will come out better than you imagined.

Randy Ingermanson March 4, at 2: Glad to see you like my Snowflake method! When I first posted the Snowflake article on my web site, I had no idea it would become so popular all around the world. I thought a few people might find it interesting.

  • They both fall down and are injured again.
  • Drafting a structure-plus outline will likely take you more time before you write your novel, but working with an outline of this nature can save a tremendous amount of valuable time during the actual writing of your story.
  • Just as a lion is the product of all the zebras it has eaten, a writer is the product of all the books he or she has read.

In my opinion, there is no one best way to get your first draft written. Whatever works for you is what works for you. The value of talking about creative paradigms is that when you see how other writers do it, you sometimes realize that you have other options.

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People email me all the time to say that the Snowflake has liberated them—they thought a writer was supposed to just write to a blank page with no preparation. Of course, other writers would feel like the Snowflake is a pair of handcuffs on their creativity—they really need that blank page.

To each his own. Reply clare weiner March 5, at 8: Reply Helena Halme January 31, at I was also surprised to find that you use Word for the writing bit — have you tried Scrivener? Michael La Ronn January 30, at 5: I think that this is a great starting point for any novel. Reply clare weiner January 30, at 4: It can work well: On the up side, I had a used idea what was going to happen event-wise. Anyhow, many thanks for posting: Reply caz greenham January 30, at 3: What a wonderful method too.

Methods used in writing a novel

I write for children with no more than 40pages usually. But I love a challenge!

As a result, I completed words with over a week to spare. From there, you begin to create your novel one step at a time, with each step building upon the previous one. I wanted something that would automate every step that could be automated. Step 2 Take another hour and expand that sentence to a full paragraph describing the story setup, major disasters, and ending of the novel. When you feel your concentration flag, you go do something else for 30 minutes, then return. Read more about the 5-Step Method here. You may only be able to write for a short while before becoming too tired to write coherently.

Will therefore be looking into writing my first, proper, novel — looking foward to reading The Last Seal by the way. Caz Reply Richard Denning January 30, at 3: Jessica although it might sound very planned there are still many gaps you need to fill. I often find i am writing a bit and suddenly inspiration hits about how a twist to what I planned could link in better. I like that to come as a surprise. Dixon January 30, at 3: I enjoy using the Snowflake method as well. My most recent use was in preparation for NaNoWriMo As a result, I completed words with over a week to spare. Reply Jessica Bell January 30, at I sorta envy those who are comfortable planning so much.

It would probably make my writing life a lot easier. Reply Debbie Young January 30, at


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