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My Most Favorite Dish, You Can Make It Too Today we are going to be making chicken primavera. Before you get started you will click the following things: First you want to start the water and about 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil boiling for the noodles they take the longestand then while you have that going, start dicing you chicken breast into about 1 inch cubes.

  • Current standards emphasize a toned, slender look, one that exudes fitness, youth, and health.
  • First, you need a boat, but not just any boat.
  • Saliva, which is produced by the salivary glands, plays a major role in breaking down the food into smaller pieces.

After you get all of your check this out cut up you want to start heating up your pan. Always start on high heat proccess then once the ingredients are added the heat will get turned down. Once your frying pan is hot put 1 tablespoon of butter into the frying pan, let that melt a little bit, and then add your chicken.

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You want to make sure that the chicken is browned on all sides, and if you were to cut a cube in half that the middle is white. Any time while you are cooking you chicken, if the water is boiling, then you can start boiling you noodles. When your chicken is done all the way through then we make the sauce. Right there in the same pan that you cooked you chicken in, add your two cans of Cream of Mushroom soup and your two cans of Cream of Chicken soup. After dumping the soup into the pan, you will then need to guess on the amount of milk processs you put into the sauce. The more milk that is added the thinner the sauce will be, and the less milk that is added will give you a nicer creamier sauce.

It depends on how thick or thin you like your sauces.

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Make sure to keep stirring the noodles through out their cooking process, or they will all be stuck together. While finishing cooking the noodles turn the heat down on the sauce so that all it is going to do is warm up.

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It only takes about minutes for the sauce to warm all the way through. Once the noodles are done then you can strain the water off of them. Add about 1 tablespoon of butter to the drained noodles and stir them really good to get that butter mixed in, this will keep the noodles from sticking together until they can be served. Finally, all you need to do now is examp,e up your plate of chicken primavera and enjoy. This recipe will feed between people in one sitting.

Example of process essay paragraph example

If you need to make more than essay, just double the recipe and follow the same instructions. I hope that this meal was as quick, easy, and delicious for you as it was for me. This particular paragraph would be paravraph for anyone trying to make chicken primavera for the first time. She gives great process steps such as before, first, and after.

After they meet and start talking a few times, they will start getting to know each other, calling each other, and spending more time with each other. Writing in the margin, or at the top or bottom of the page, for the sake of: In this class alone, students will write five different essays. The procedure is ordinarily described inside out. The blazing, red, diesel fuel tanks beamed in front of the station, looking like cheap lipstick against the pallid, wrinkled texture of the parking lot sand. In the stomach, digestion begins, and it continues until it reaches the small intestine, where absorption takes place.

This writer was very successful in creating a how-to paragraph as explained in our text and has explained how to do what was stated in the topic sentence. This is definitely a recipe that gets prcess mouth watering! First try to distance yourself by suddenly becoming busier than usual. The next step is to calmly tell the other person that how you are feeling. Then gently let him or her know that you do not want to be together anymore. Then make sure to be sensitive of his or her feelings and answer any questions that he or she may click. For example, if the person starts to cry, use kind words to help comfort him or her.

Explain why or why not. Therefore the reader learns in which spheres he can later apply the knowledge of this process. Sentence 4 — give another example of the claim to better support it: Circling of key words or phrases.

After everything is said and done, take some alone time for your self because everyone has feelings to sort out after a break up. Finally, go out with friends and meet new people.

With these see more steps it will make the breaking up process smooth for both parties. After they meet and start talking a few times, they will start getting to know each other, calling each other, and spending more time with each other.

Example of process essay paragraph example

That is how a friendship begins. Friends should paragtaph listen paragrapph what the other has to say, and then should give advice only when asked for it. No matter how much friends are alike, everyone has differences, so a friend should be able to accept their differences. After being a friend to a person for a long period of time, one might get tired of hearing repeated problems everyday, but a good friend will always be there for her friend no matter what.


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