Essay on dreams of my india


January 20, May 13, Every citizen will be literate.

The birth of a girl child will be celebrated. I wish to make it an ideal country in the world. It has passed through different phases. We are quite confident that by most of our problems will be solved and our motherland will reach the pinnacle of glory and grandeur in every field. Investment from domestic and foreign market is needed for the growth of industry. The country would not only be self-sufficient but export food to other countries. With the spread of education, check in the rising population would, naturally, follow.

India will reach great heights. It will be free of violence, terrorism, hunger and suffering.

It will be filled with compassion, peace and happiness. Every Indian will be happy. Every type of work will be respected.

Essay on dreams of my india

Highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene will be maintained in the India of my dreams. This is my India — a great country, a land of peace, prosperity and truthfulness where no one is afraid of speaking the truth and where there is no corruption.

In the early sixties, Planning Commission came up with a concept of Poverty Line. In many areas of work they are discriminated against. Driving without helmet, driving on wrong lane are the norms. My dream India will be free from gender-bias and inequality. They will be no more puppets in the hands of men. The problem of pollution in our country too would be solved forever. Today, while drrams are working shoulder to shoulder with men, they are not always given the same scales of pay.

It will be a country where women are respected and people from all religions co-exists and where every citizen is proud to be an Indian.


  1. Essay on dreams of my india
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