Essay on travel and tourism in india


Tourism in India Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries of the world.

There is immense pressure even on children. Various states are promoting themselves as true holiday destination. Businesses can use their marketing budget on the maintenance of those historic places. Tourism is the second largest foreign exchange earner in India. The tourists spend lavishly during vacation. India is a country rich in diversity. There is a harmonious blend of art, religion and philosophy. Necessary steps should be taken by the state government as well as central government to prevent this menace.

It plays a toyrism role in the economic development of a country. India is one of the popular tourist destinations in Ijdia. Bounded by the Himalayan ranges in the north and surrounded, on three sides by waterIndia offers a wide tourrism of places to see and things to do. The enchanting backwaters, hill stations and landscapes make India a beautiful country.

There is immense pressure even on children. In these hotels the tourists get to experience the exotic lifestyle of a bygone era. Tourism helps to grow the economy and the cultural growth of any country directly and indirectly. Terrorism now a days has become a global problem. Essay generally have three main parts, Introduction, impact or more detailed info and then summary or conclusion.

They attract tourists from i over the world. Tourism is the second largest foreign exchange earner in India. The tourism industry employs a large number of people both skilled and unskilled.

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Tourism is the largest service industry in India with a contribution of 6. Hotels, travel agencies, transport including airlines benefit a lot from this industry. Tourism promotes national integration and international understanding. It generates foreign exchange. It promotes cultural activities. India has a composite culture. There is a harmonious blend of click herereligion travell philosophy.

Though India has been subjected to a series of invasions, she has retained her originality even after absorbing the best of the external influences.

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Religious like ChristianityBuddhism, Islam, HinduismJainismSikhism and Zoroastrianism, etc. India has fascinated people from all over the world with her secularism and her culture. The diverse geographical locales of India delight the tourists.

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The monuments, museums, forts, sanctuariesplaces of religious interest, palaces, etc. Every region is identified with its handicrafts ,fairs, folk dancesmusic and its people.

Essay on travel and tourism in india

Some of esay places that attract a huge number of tourists are Agra, Jaipur jhansihyderabad, Nalanda, Mysore, DelhiMahabaleshwarA urangabadetc. HaridwarUjjainShirdiV aransiA llahabadpuriJammuB adrinath etc.

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The Tourism Advisory Board recommends measures for promotion of tourist traffic in India. It reviews the tourist trends and suggests appropriate measures. Some of the palaces havelis and castles have been converted into heritage hotels. In these hotels the tourists get to experience the exotic lifestyle of a bygone era.

The exotic train Palace on Wheels which travels through Rajasthan attracts a lot of foreign tourists. The Indian Tourism Development corporation organises entertainment programmes like folk dances and songs and provides shopping facilities. Today many private companies like Sita Travels, Club Mahindraetc.

With the growth of the urban professional middle class, tourism n India is flourishing.

New Opportunities Tourism source in the opportunities for people. As mentioned above, tourism is one of the important parts of any economy. Tourism provides employment opportunity for local people. Tours and holidays are the necessities of modern busy life. It provides information aimed at promotion of tourist sites in the world market. India is a country rich in diversity. Indian tourism is only a small portion of the world tourism industry.

Many states have taken necessary steps to promote tourism. Goa promotes water sports like sailing scuba diving and rafting. Kashmir offers the pleasure of winter sports like skiing and mountaineering. In the Indian Tourism Development Corporation started a campaign called Incredible India to encourage tourism in India. The slogan of this campaign is Athithi Devoh Bhaboh.

For a better growth the department divided different places in different sections like spiritual tourism spa tourism eco tourism and adventure tourism. During the period to India witnessed an increase in the Foreign Tourist Arrivals from 2. Domestic tourism has also got a big boost. The number of domestic tourist visits increased from million in to million in with an average annual growth rate of India has a growing medical tourism sector. With an increasing number of foreign patients flocking to India for treatment, our country has become an attractive destination for medical tourism.

Things have now started looking bright for the tourism industry. On the negative side tourism may damage environment. In order to accommodate large number of tourists, sprawling resorts are built. The indiscriminate construction destroys local architectural styles and ecological balance. Arrangements as desired by tourists are provided in order to satisfy them. The Indian tourism industry has been hit by pollution. The effluents emitted by the Mathura Refinery this web page led to the discolourization of the Taj Mahal is Agra.

The condition of many of our monuments is deteriorating travep to the negligence of the authorities concerned. Terrorism now a days has become a global problem. Our country is also not an exception. The terrorist attacks agitations and separatist movements hinder the growth of tourism. Kashmir is the paradise for domestic and international tourists. The Skirmishes in this valley hamper the growth of tourism which is very important for the economy of the state. The tourism infrastructure in India should be strengthened. Airports and railway stations should provide information to the tourists about the tourist destinations.

Government owned hotels should be properly managed. The government should be taken to tourisk the ancient splendor of the monuments. Sincere efforts could help to further develop the Indian tourism industry.


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