Essay on summer season in india


Short essay on Summer Season On By Dinesh Saraf Category: The summer starts in India from the beginning of March and continues up to June.

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Up to February the rays of the sun are soothing and we like to bask in the sun. But in March the season changes.

I have a total irreverence for anything connected with society except that which makes the roads safer, the beer stronger, the food cheaper and the old men and old women warmer in the winter and happier in the summer. They get the holiday sujmer enjoying in the summer. We should plant more trees in our surrounding areas and water them on daily basis to reduce the summer heat. Cattle found grazing grounds dry. The sun shines perpendicularly causing numerous difficulties for the people.

The sun-rays become hotter day by day and we begin to get perspiration. The entire earth becomes heated in this article source. In summer, the few hours of the morning are pleasant.

  • Sweat comes out and flows down their bodies.
  • Sunstroke is the huge reason for the death of every living being.
  • The melodious Sawan songs can be heard coming out of every house during this month.

In March the sun does not become too hot before noon. But by April the sun becomes hot by 10 a.

  • People enjoy going out on picnic.
  • The heat of the sun and hot winds makes the dry to plants.
  • Generally, people enjoy summer morning walk before sun rise as it gives cool, calm and happy feeling with fresh air.

The sun becomes very hot by noon in May and June and scorching winds also begin to blow. People cannot come out of their homes and all work remains suspended till evening. They cannot work even inside their houses because of heat.

Essay on summer season in india

Moreover, they do not feel energetic and a sort of dullness comes over them. They feel sleepy in the afternoon. They shut all doors and take rest in the coolest part of the building. People do not get relief even in the evening and at night.

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We should not waste water and electricity because there is very less percentage of clean water on this earth and unnecessary use of electricity cause global warming. The best way to keep ourselves feel better is to keep drinking water frequently throughout the day. It is all over good season for the children as they get one and half months long summer vacation, enjoy at home with family, go for touring at cool places, enjoy swimming, and eat ice-creams including summer fruits. In spite of high heat, people enjoy eating summer season fruits like mangoes, cucumber, jackfruits, lichee, muskmelon, watermelon, etc in abundance. Kurtas of mulmul are the popular articles of clothing in this season. Select Page Summer Season Essay Summer is the hottest season of the year however very interesting and entertaining season especially for the kids because they get chance to enjoy swimming, hilly regions, eat ice-creams, lassi, favorite fruits, etc.

They cannot sleep comfortably at night on account of oon. Summer causes inconvenience in many other ways.

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The hot wind causes much thirst, but people cannot get cool water. People become very tired and their throats get parched. Rivers, streams and ponds dry up and cause scarcity of water. It adds to the difficulty of the people. Even birds and beasts feel thirsty and run from place to place in search of water.

Many people, birds, and beasts die as a result esway sunstroke.

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Many fatal diseases, such as cholera, small-pox, etc. The plants, herbs and shrub get dried up because of the scorching sun and hot winds.

Essay on summer season in india

People in town have got many amenities which are not available to the villagers. Therefore, townsmen can reduce the discomforts of summer to a great extent, if they can afford to spend money. In towns, people get electric fans, air-conditioners, etc.

It is the hottest season of the year as temperature reaches at its highest point. It gives rise to four months of rain. People do not like to work. Sometimes it is too hot to continue the work. Trees suffer falling of leaves because of lack of water. People living in the rural areas suffer the lack of water, high heat, dryness, etc a lot because of the lack of electricity and other comfortable resources. The hot wind causes much thirst, but people cannot get cool water.

In spite of these disadvantages the farmers welcome the summsr, because it brings the clouds which give them rain. Though we dislike the heat and dust of the summer, we await it anxiously sukmer we get sweet mangoes during this season.


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