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Please sign up to read full document. Text Preview India is a large country with a large population. She is faced with an alarming situation of widespread unemployment. A large number of people are unemployed both in the urban and rural areas. Unemployment is a condition of involuntary or forced idleness, which on the one hand hinders effective demand for agricultural and industrial products, and on the other paves the way for anti-social activities.

It indicates a situation wherein all human resources which should have been geared to maximise the natural production are not being utilised. Such a situation results in far-reaching consequences. It makes the measures to increase production and renders the rights of labour unsafe. Though it is a world-wide phenomenon, its consequences in under-developed and essay on job opportunity in india couptries are more dangerous than in industrially advanced countries, where it is only fractional and largely due to occasional deficiency in aggregate demand.

In developing countries like India the production is labour Intensive rather than capital intensive, the wages and earnings of the workers are very inadequate resulting in general poverty all over. There is large scale under-employment in rural areas. In the middle class the extent of unemployment has reached alarming proportions. It is a most serious problem faced by India and a great challenge to the planners and administrators of the country. In recent years the problem has become a cause for grave concern as it has started threatening our economic and social fibre.

It needs most immediate attention. Before we discuss the ways and means to solve the problem of unemployment, it is better to examine the exact nature of it. So far as rural areas are concerned, a very large number of people living in villages remain without any work for about five to seven months in the year. More than 70 per cent of the total pouplation of the country is engaged in or dependent on agricultural or allied operations.

The total amount of work actually done by these over 70 per cent people, if measured in man-hours, is far below what this population is capable of doing. As a result of increasing poverty due to acute unemployment in rural areas, there has been a continuous movement of rural unemployed to urban areas. The population in the villages has increased at a much faster rate than the rate at which fresh land has been brought under cultivation. With the continuous growth of population and with almost static area of cultivable land, there is a chronic redundance of agricultural labour, which has assumed the shape of disguised under-employment.

Of the present total population of msilion, a little less than million people are dependent on agriculture. A large volume of disguised unemployment exists among workers in small and cottage industries, which have declined due to competition with big factory products, made within the country or imported from abroad. The urban unemployed constitute the industrial labour and the educated youth.

Essay on job opportunity in india

The industries and factories in the towns and cities have not been able to increase opportunities of employment to absorb these new additions. The rate of increase in the expansion of industries has not been adequate and the industries have concentrated oh fuller utilisation of their idle capacities YOU MAY ALSO FIND THESE DOCUMENTS HELPFUL Employment Opportunities Essay The youth, therefore, is the determining factor of the quality of this potential.

Poverty, unemployment, illiteracy and overpopulation have plagued India for ages now. We shall discuss a segment of one of these evils — unemployment of the youth.

Before a more detailed study it is important to point out that youth unemployment is a challenge for almost all nations in the world including the developed. But it is in the 3rd world countries that such unemployment has a deep social, political and economic clasp.

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Developed nations have the advantage of being more organized economically and therefore any alarming rise in unemployment level can be somewhat neutralized by economic policies of the government. The problem of youth unemployment therefore cannot be dealt with at a macroscopic level. An approach that handles effectively the various complications of the problem at a microscopic and individual level is necessary for a nation like India to provide its youth with quality employment opportunities.

As a fresh graduate myself the challenges of unemployment are but my very own personal problems. WHERE IS MY JOB? In the last two decades, India has seen the impact and the effect of the LPG liberalization privatization and It includes strategies and policy recommendations designed to maximize the effectiveness of the Government's recently proposed initiatives for employment generation and rural prosperity. Implementation of these recommendations will be sufficient to generate million additional employment and self-employment opportunities.

While many formal studies have been prepared to assess the growth and employment potential in India' formal private sector, less attention has been given to the conditions and strategies to promote rapid expansion and job creation in the rural and informal sectors.

This report focuses on strategies to increase employment opportunities in India's informal sector, with emphasis on agriculture, agro-industry, rural services and related vocations. The report consists of three Equal Employment Opportunity Everyone has the right to have means of living. To be treated fairly in the ever scrupulous world of employment is what we really desire.

In the previous report about equal employment opportunity, we were informed that discrimination has no place in the world of employment. Whatever race, color of skin, gender preference, age and physical capacities a person may have, he shall be treated equally and be given equal opportunities to have a job. This idea is indeed beneficial not only to the employees who seek job but also to the employers who henceforth have a greater chance of getting the most suitable workforce that they will use as human resource in their respective organizations.

Moreover, it would somehow lessen the rate of unemployment since most of the unemployed will not be apprehensive if they will be provided with a wide-array of job options to choose from. Had it been lessened, other positive results would occur like decrease in poverty and malnutrition rate, crime rate and out of school youth rate. Thus, our country will more or less thrive on these positive Employee opportunities can be defined as hires quality people who know and understand the meaning of teamwork.

Individuals who are highly motivated, skilled and service oriented. People who believe they have something substantial to bring to us on the job. Experienced in the work force or just starting out when consider a future. Kaufman had other definition of employment opportunities. He said that companies want efficient production processes to maximize profit, consumers want efficient companies to maximize value and employees want efficient employment opportunities to maximize their earnings and leisure.

Bonfring International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Science, Vol. Rajesh Kumar Abstract True entrepreneurs are resourceful, passionate and driven to succeed and improve. They're pioneers and are comfortable fighting on the frontline. The great ones are ready to be laughed at and criticized in the beginning because they can see their path ahead and are too busy working towards their dream. An entrepreneur is a businessperson who not only conceives and organizes ventures but also frequently takes risks in doing so.

Not all independent business people are true entrepreneurs, and not all entrepreneurs are created equal. Different degrees or levels of entrepreneurial intensity and drive depend upon how much independence one exhibits, the level of leadership and innovation they demonstrate, how much responsibility they shoulder, and how creative they become in envisioning and executing their business plans.

This paper focuses and provides an insight into the meaning, qualities required for an entrepreneur, opportunities and challenges faced by them and at last with a small discussion on entrepreneurship as a career. Keywords Challenges, Opportunities, Entrepreneurship, Economic Development self-sustaining and in fact, may never earn significant revenues. But, when individuals create This report reconfirms that gender inequality remains an issue within labor markets globally.

Women suffer multiple disadvantages in terms of access to labor markets, and often do not have the same level of freedom as men to choose to work.

It indicates a situation wherein all human resources which should have been geared to maximise the natural production are not being utilised. State government employees are not covered by the ADA; in essence this For securing greater self-employment opportunities for women, they can be given preference in matters of granting licenses for industries and allotment of basic raw materials for small scale industries. In certain instances, the advent of new technology will require more specialised skill sets. To Opportunoty Extent Does Social Identity Determine Job Choice words - 7 pages TO WHAT EXTENT DOES SOCIAL IDENTITY DETERMINE JOB CHOICE The literature review focuses on the lpportunity of secondary data on the research topic, which is the extent to which social identity determines job choice. The unemployment in developing countries like India is link quite different nature. Similar Essays India As A Potential Business Resource words - 5 pages AbstractThis paper will explore the possible expansion of business and leveraging resources in India.

Gender differences in labor force participation rates and unemployment rates are a persistent feature of global Introduction Employment has emerged as an important subject in the development agenda of most national governments and several international organisations over the past two decades. In recent years, the processes of globalisation have also resulted in certain trends in labour markets in both the developed and developing countries.

Current scenario of India: As a belong to India, I would like to emphasize on the current education and employment scenario in India. In India, The educational system follows 12 years of schooling and then a years of graduation course, and 2 years of post graduation course.

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Growth rate of employment is 3. Highest rate of Employment is observed in agriculturefishing and forestry- The Lowest rate of employment is in Electricity, Gas and water supply — 1. The country is having a population of 1.

Essay on job opportunity in india

It indicates that major portion of the youth remain unemployed. Major employment challenges in India: Peggy Swigart Introduction Organizations large and small should recognize that not everyone is cut from the same mold. At times, reasonable accommodations will be required; either at the time of employment, or upon disposition of a disability or religious need.

Nearly 50 per cent of India's labour force on farms needs to transition to non-farm jobs, but often does not have the skills. Growth of Employment in India Article Shared by The below-mentioned article provides an essay on growth of employment in India. A Case of Jobless Growth: IT majors, IT- enabled services and others need the right kind of professionals and others as much as the youngsters need the right kind of openings in different fields. Equal Employment Opportunity Everyone has the right to have means of living. It is built around the fundamental idea that performance of a product is the driver of the product lifecycle. Basu said in June that a copy of his report would be given to the Planning Commission. You sit for hours together in your air conditioned room indoa the office and back home you pursue the same persistent sedentary style oon TV. The manufacturing sector has been losing people to the services sector, which is seen as more glamorous, and betterpaid.

The first of four session long projects will explore the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOC. This paper will discuss the reasonable accommodation expectations, and who enforces them.

Essay on job opportunity in india

It will also present two private sector workplace examples one religion, and one disability. Expectations and Enforcement Americans with Disabilities Act ADA became law in The ADA is a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities in all facets of public life, go here but not limited to, jobs, transportation, and schools. It prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities whether they are workers or job applicants.

The ADA affects employment matters as well as public accessibility for individuals with disabilities and other areas. Organizations with 15 or more employees are covered by the provisions of the ADA. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOC enforces the laws and regulations of the ADA and applies it to private employers, employment agencies, and labor unions. State government employees are not covered by the ADA; in essence this


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