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The United Nations Organisation came into being after the Second World War years ago. This organisation has provided a common platform to various countries in the world including the big powers to work out a programme of peace and prosperity.

  • One suggestion is to raise funds by issue of UN bonds which may be a practicable source of finance.
  • India has contributed nearly , troops, the largest number from any country, participated in more than 43 missions and Indian peacekeepers have made the supreme sacrifice while serving in UN missions.
  • Fourthly, the UN played an important role in adopting the declaration of human rights and assertion of gender equality.

India has been playing an active role in its various activities. India is one of the Founder-members of this Organisation and has always declared its loyalty to the United Nations Charter. It endorses all the ideals of world peace and international cooperation which the U.

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India's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru who was one of the world's most important statesmen and politicians played a vital part in the setting up of the United Nations Organisation along with other world leaders like President Truman of the U. Nehru's standing as a political philosopher had its impact on the politics of the world.

Even though India was not independent inNehru's political ideas and contribution to the struggle for independence of his country and other slave countries won him the esteem of the whole world. All important leaders of the world consulted Nehru on important issues pertaining to the Charter of the U.

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General Assembly and its social organisations like the ECAFE, UNESCO, FAO, W. A large number of Indians are working in the U. Secretariat, some of them holding very important positions.

League of Nations and United Nations. China and one from America, i. She has always expressed belief in the aims and objectives of U. The position taken by the permanent members.

Some of India's Generals have performed noteworthy duties in the peace keeping operations of the U. Mention among them may be made of General Thimmayya, Maj. General Rikhye, General Chaudhry and others. Similarly in the political field India's Mr.

Lack of democracy in the UNSC. Above all, as alleged by developing countries most of the decisions of the UN have been guided by the self interest of the powerful countries and decision making lacks transparency. On any objective grounds, India is well qualified for permanent membership. It has a bloated bureaucracy which is plagued by inefficiency and corruption. In the 21st century when India is all set to become a superpower and overtake all other economies byit would be a sheer lack of vision if India is denied a seat in the Security Council. The UNO was formed over sixty years ago. But even now India is not powerful enough, its economy is not close to being at par with other permanent members and simply adding another country and thus adding another veto would make things very complicated. InIndia tested its first nuclear devicethe aftermath of which resulted in a nuclear embargo by US and Canada.

Narasimhan is the Cabinet Secretary to the Secretary General U. Bhabha was presiding over many international conferences of scientists held by the U. In the economic field India has been contributing to the budget of the U. Its position in this respect is sixth.

Essay on india and united nations

India is a member of various Commissions, Committees and Sub-Committees of the U. India has been recently a host country to the U. Conference United Nations Conference for Trade and Development in which more than 5, foreign delegates's participated New Delhi was humming with lot of activity because of this conference. With all these activities India has earned a name as a peace-loving nation, working for the advancement of the world towards prosperity and equality of the human rights and for ultimate unity of the world under one world government.

Essay on india and united nations


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