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More than three million gallons of oil spewed, killing over 10, seabirds, dolphins, seals, and sea lions. As a reaction to this natural disaster, activists were mobilized to create environmental regulation, environmental education, and Earth Day.

EDN India is vital to our overall mission to broaden and diversify the environmental movement worldwide. Life in its most beautiful forms developed here, be it humans, animals, plants or marine life. A group of environmental leaders organize various events and campaigns to celebrate the earth day. And a small revenge by Earth takes a huge toll on mankind. In this way, 22nd of April has been marked as the anniversary of the modern environmental movement. But, the question arises as to why we celebrate Earth Day?

Among the proponents of Earth Day were the people in the front lines of fighting this disaster, Selma Rubin, Marc McGinnes, and Bud Bottoms, founder of Get Oil Out. Senator Edmund Muskie speaking at Fairmount Park, Philadelphia on Earth Day, The first Earth Day celebrations took place in two thousand colleges and universities, roughly ten thousand primary and secondary schools, and hundreds of communities across the United States.

Not just your home but also your nearby area keep it clean and plastic free. First of all, I would like to thank you all for giving me this opportunity to speak and share my thoughts. Why April 22 is celebrated as Earth Day? It is leading to significant progress in renewable energy, sustainable urban development, in mobilizing the youth, building environmental stewardship, increasing green cover, and in fostering clean energy education amongst women in rural areas. Environment safety is very important for every people to save lots of resources as essay on earth day in india as make a better surroundings for the better growth of the resources. Perhaps we can avoid using our car on this day and save petrol and free the atmosphere of some pollution. Earth Day Network- India has published two eBooks showcasing national, sustainable efforts by citizens around India. Air pollution caused by the dark smoke emitted by vehicles, poisonous gasses like sulfur dioxide emitted in the air.

More importantly, it "brought inia million Americans out into the spring sunshine for peaceful demonstrations in favor of environmental reform. Among the say were Fred KentPete Grannisand Kristin and William Hubbard. This group agreed to head up the New York City activities within the national movement.

Fred Kent took the lead in renting an office and recruiting volunteers. A giant cheer went up in the office on that day," according to Kristin Hubbard now Kristin Alexandre. I was Speaker Coordinator but had tremendous help from Lindsay staffer Judith Crichton. In Union SquareNew York Dah estimated crowds of up to 20, people at any given time and, dxy, as many as overover the course of the day. Senator Edmund Muskie was the keynote speaker on Earth Day in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia.

Other notable attendees earh consumer protection activist and presidential candidate Ralph Nader ; Landscape Architect Ian McHarg ; Nobel prize-winning Harvard Biochemist, George Wald ; U. Senate Minority Leader, Hugh Scott ; and poet, Allen Ginsberg.

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Earth Day Mobilizing million people in countries and lifting the status of environmental issues onto the iin stage, Earth Day activities in gave a huge boost to recycling efforts worldwide and helped pave the way for the United Nations Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. Unlike the first Earth Day inthis 20th Anniversary was waged with stronger marketing tools, greater access to television and radio, and multimillion-dollar budgets.

The Earth Day 20 Foundation, assembled by Edward Furia Project Director of Earth Week inand Earth Dayassembled by Denis Hayes National Inn for Earth Day Senator Gaylord Nelsonthe original founder of Earth Day, was honorary chairman for both groups. The two did not combine forces over disagreements about leadership of combined organization and incompatible structures and strategies.

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Earth Day employed strategies including focus group testing, direct mail fund raising, and email marketing. Everest many years earlierand marked the first time in history that mountaineers from the United StatesSoviet Unionand China had roped together to climb a mountain, let alone Mt. The master of ceremonies for the Columbia Gorge event was the TV star, John Ratzenbergerfrom nidia Cheers ", and the headlining musician was the "Father of Rock and Roll," Chuck Berry.

It charted at number 74 on the Hot Country Songs chart dated May 5, This was the first year that Earth Day used the Internet as its principal organizing tool, and it proved invaluable nationally and internationally. Kelly Evans, a professional essay organizer, served as executive director of the campaign.

The event ultimately enlisted more than 5, environmental groups outside the United States, reaching hundreds of millions of people in a record countries.

Essay on earth day in india

Subsequent Earth Day events Earth Day at San Diego City College in San DiegoCalifornia Farth turn Earth Day into a sustainable annual event rather than one that occurred every 10 years, Nelson and Bruce Anderson, New Hampshire's lead organizers informed Earth Day USA. Building on the momentum created by thousands of community organizers around the world, Earth Day USA coordinated the essay on earth day in india five Earth Day celebrations throughincluding the launch of EarthDay. Following the 25th Anniversary inthe coordination baton was handed to Earth Day Network.

As the millennium approached, Hayes agreed to spearhead another campaign, this time focusing on global warming and pushing for clean energy. The April 22 Earth Day in combined the big-picture feistiness of the first Earth Day with the international grassroots activism of Earth Day ForEarth Day had the internet to help link activists around the world. By the time April 22 came around, 5, environmental groups around the world were on board reaching out to hundreds of millions of people in a record countries.

A talking drum chain traveled om village to village in GabonAfricafor example, while hundreds of thousands of people gathered on the National Mall in Washington, D. Earth Day was one of the largest Earth Days to date, with many people participating in the activities in thousands of places including KievUkraine ; CaracasVenezuela ; Tuvalu ; ManilaPhilippines ; Togo ; MadridSpain ; London ; and New York.

Increasing industrialization on daily basis leads to deforestation which ultimately leads to the rise in Earth temperature. However, the aim of this day is to encourage people to remember to care for the environment every single day. Fred Kent took the lead in renting an office and recruiting volunteers. A giant cheer went up in the office on that day," according to Kristin Hubbard now Kristin Alexandre. Human is the most creative as well as an indix creature on the earth made by the God to make the earth better to live without any problem. There are many big problems of the environmental degradation in the World and they should be removed to save the environment from the harmful effects. It has given itself into the keeping of all, and all are therefore accountable.

On Californians for Population Stabilization CAPS group brings back Earth Day to human overpopulation as the main concern. Earth Day Action Toolkit: Educating and Activating Communities for Change Environmental Teach-in Toolkit Global Day of Conversation Toolkit for Local Governments MobilizeU: Campus Teach-in Toolkit also saw the Earth Day Network co-organize the March for Science rally and teach-in at the National Mall in Washington D.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. April Learn how and when to remove this template message Paul Tinari officially launched the first Canadian Earth Day on September 11, — included are Flora MacDonald MPKen Keyes and Dr.

Ronald Watts The first Canadian Earth Day was held on Thursday, September 11,and was organized by Paul D. Flora MacDonaldthen MP for Kingston and the Islands and former Canadian Secretary of State for External Affairs, officially opened Earth Day Week on September 6, with a ceremonial tree planting and encouraged MPs and MPPs across the country to declare a cross-Canada annual Earth Day. The principal activities taking place on the first Earth Day included educational lectures given earthh experts in various environmental fields, garbage and litter pick-up by students along city roads and highways as well as tree plantings to replace the trees killed by Dutch Elm Disease.

EcoKids supports teachers and students, grades K-8, with free educational resources, curriculum-linked lesson plans including ESL and FSL, and homework help and games for students. EcoMentors offers youth the training and resources they need to facilitate local environmental education workshops with their peers and other young Canadians. EDC's challenges, contests and campaigns promote practical, culturally relevant and cost-effective solutions to help individual Canadians support a healthier environment. EDC also encourages action by supporting individuals and community groups in the organization and delivery of local Earth Day April 22 events.

Recognition and Financial Support: The Diversity Engagement and Inclusion Initiative helps the environmental sector to better communicate with, engage and activate Canada's diverse social and cultural communities. The Employee Engagement program works with employers to achieve business and sustainability goals through inclusion of best practices.

  • Some people request governments to take immediate action to prevent the day by day increasing global warming and other environmental destructions.
  • People are used to managing and handle the tasks with lots od ideas and plans to cultivate and manage the tasks properly.
  • When do we celebrate?

History of the Equinox Earth Day March


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