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Air pollution by Chris Woodford. There's nothing quite like opening the door and breathing fresh, clean, air—but how clean is the air you're breathing right now. Unless you're a scientist with a chemistry lab at your fingertips, there's no real way of knowing. The gases you're sucking up through your nose could be slowly killing you: Air pollution is a huge problem—and not just for people living in smog-choked cities: So what exactly causes this major environmental issue and what can we do about it.

Let's take a closer look. Air pollution is obvious when it pours from a smokestack chimneybut it's not always so easy to spot. This smoke comes from a coal-fired power plant and its pollutants include sulfur dioxide and the "greenhouse gas" carbon dioxide. What is air pollution. Air lets our living planet breathe—it's the mixture of gases that fills the atmosphere, giving life to the plants and animals that make Earth such a vibrant place.

Broadly speaking, air is almost entirely made up of two gases 78 percent nitrogen and 21 percent oxygenwith a few other gases such as carbon dioxide and argon present in absolutely minute quantities. We can breathe ordinary air all day long with no ill effects, so let's use that simple fact to define air pollution, something like this: Air pollution is a gas or a liquid or solid dispersed through ordinary air released in a big enough quantity to harm the health of people or other animals, kill plants or stop them growing properly, damage or disrupt some other aspect of the environment such as making buildings crumbleor cause some other kind of nuisance reduced visibility, perhaps, or an unpleasant odor.

As with water pollution and land contaminationit's the quantity or concentration of a chemical in the air that makes the difference between "harmless" and "pollution. Since Earth's atmosphere is very turbulent—many of us live in windy countries—air pollution will often disperse relatively quickly. In less enlightened times, factory operators thought that if they built really high smokestacks, the wind would simply blow their smoke away, diluting and dispersing it so it wouldn't be a problem.

The only un was, Earth is a much smaller place than we think and pollution doesn't always disappear so conveniently. Natural air pollution Photo: Forest fires are one completely natural cause of air pollution. We'll never be able to prevent them breaking out or stop the pollution they cause; our best hope is to manage forests, where we can, so fires don't spread. Photo by courtesy of US Fish and Wildlife Service. When we think of pollution, we tend to think it's a problem that humans cause through ignorance or stupidity—and that's certainly true, some of the time.

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Hoshiarpur What is an essay. He defined essay as a loose sally of the mind, an irregular undigested piece, not a regular and orderly performance2. He was guided by the essays of his times. This definition fits not all but a majority of the essays appearing here and there.

Essay was not necessarily in prose. The Essays on Criticism or Essay on Mind are both in verse written respectively in the 18th and 19th centuries. The range with respect to manner of treatment is also very wide, there is lightness and superficiality on one hand, and reality and seriousness on the other. Along with light, airy and graceful trifles we find lyrical intensity, passionate outburst, suggestions of deeps unfathomed plum net3. Length of the essay also oscillates between too short and too long or moderate. Essays may be called complete and comprehensive e.

Essays have been usually descriptive, expository or narrative and reflective. The essay differs from a Treatise or Dissertation which are research reports usually critical and fact based in its lack of pretension to be systematic and complete exposition, and is being addressed to a general rather than a specialized audience. In other words essay discusses its subject in non-technical fashion and with liberal use of devices like anecdotes, illustration and humour. The formal essay is impersonal, authoritative, highly knowledge saturated and ordered.

In the informal essay the author assumes a tone of intimacy with the audience, tends to be concerned with every day things rather than with public affairs or specialized topics, the writer is relaxed, self revelatory and often whimsical. Moreover, the formal essay is characterized by qualities of dignity, serious purpose and logical organization. Eliot has written such essays in the modern times. Swift, Pope, Johnson, Goldsmith, Stevenson and Newman are his notable predecessors.

The Birth of the Essay- The earliest essay-anonymous and trivial-Remedies against Discontentment appeared in But we owe to Bacon and both the birth of English Essay. Bacon published ten small pieces of the most concentrated literary polemical ever presented in There are certain hollow blasts of wind and secret swellings of the sea before a tempest, there must have been anticipations of the essay before the Essay was born in Casaubon6 gave a great stimulus to the school of essay writing.

But in concept of character writing as an art had caught its roots already in England. In the age of Elizabeth, drama was an obsession, translation was a hobby in the making, the prose was largely lawless, essay was in its infancy, literary rubbish was shot and though in the heap of all those, there were gems to be found here and there, yet they were invariably rough. Becon regarded the essay as a receptacle for detached thoughts, which is evident from his own words about them.

Of studies and Of Adversity are glorious examples commented and commended by Macaulay in the nineteenth century. Montaigue and Lamb also belong to Elizabethan age.

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On 25 Aprila 7. The earthquake also affected parts of IndiaBangladeshand the Tibet Autonomous Region of China. Tremors were also felt in Bhutan and Pakistan. Twenty-six aftershocks were reported. It was the largest earthquake to hit Nepal since the Nepal earthquake and the Nepal—Bihar earthquake. Reason why it took place. It is because of the collision of Eurasian plate with the Indian Plate.

It forms the convergent boundary. Effects and more about the earthquake. An earthquake of magnitude 7. The quake had occurred around Entire North and East India felt the tremors. More than 8, deaths have been reported in Nepal. In China, 25 died. More than 18, others were injured. The earthquake caused an avalanche on Mount Everest. The avalanche killed at least 19 people.

One of them was Google engineer Dan Fredinburg..

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Just type and press 'enter' Search for: He was born on October 2,at Mughalsarai, a town of UP. He belonged to a lower middle class family. He was born and brought up in the cradle of poverty. Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri got his early education at Kashi Vidyapeth. It was the place where he drank the rich springs of Indian culture and civilization. He moulded his living according to the My favourite leader essay in english way of life.

After completing his education, Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri turned to the poor condition of his countrymen under the British rule. He could not tolerate the sufferings of his countrymen. He was deeply moved by the starvation and nakedness of his countrymen. Compelled by these circumstances, he joined Indian politics. He came in contact with great Indian national leaders like Nehru. He worked hard and fought bravely. He joined Congress and worked under its leaders who were leading the national movement. When India got her freedom, Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri handled difficult tasks.

He held important offices in the Indian National Congress and became Union Minister several times. As a minister, whether of Railways, Commerce and Industry or Home Affairs, Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri discharged his duties efficiently and satisfactorily. After the death of Shri Jawaharlal Nehru, Shri Shastri became second Prime Minister of free India.

So he rose to the topmost position of the land. The tenure of his Prime Ministership from June till his death January 11, at Tashkent would go down in Indian history as a decisive period. But he emerged triumphant from all these ordeals and trials. In the days of Indo-Pakistan war of September,he gave the country a brave and dedicated leadership.

Shri Shastri was a thorough democrat and staunch nationalist. He was a propagonist of Bharatiya Sankskriti. He was a man of the people.

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Value of Time Essay Essay on Value of Time Time is precious and priceless for everyone, so we never waste time. We should use our time properly in positive manner. Let your kids know about the value of time from their childhood using such simple and easily written essay on value of time.

We have provided various value of time essay for the use of school students. Value of Time Essay 1 words Time is more than money as money spent can be earned again however once time spent can never be earned. It is as true as existence of life on the earth. Time runs continuously without stoppage.

It never waits anyone. So, we should never spend our precious and priceless time without purpose and meaning at any stage of our life. We should always understand the meaning of time and use it accordingly in positive way to fulfill some purpose. We should learn something valie this continuously running time.

If it runs regularly without any stoppage, then why we cannot. Value of Time Essay 2 words Time is very precious to all of us. We should the value and respect the importance of time every single moment. We should not waste time at all till the end moment of our life. Time is very strong and powerful than everything in this world. It may destroy a lazy person as well as strengthen a hard working person. It can give lots of happiness, joy and prosperity to one however it may drop everything of one. We should learn the regularity, continuity and commitment from the time every single moment.

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Open Document Hi, my name is Rob Geis or I am currently in grade I have been at County High School for a year now; I joined at the start of 11th grade, and have thoroughly enjoyed myself here. The school is great, the people are fantastic and the atmosphere is one that makes you actually want to go to school.

Before I joined ASB I was studying at the Singapore American School for two years and prior to that I was at the International School of Kuala Lumpur for two years. I was born and raised here in Bombay city and grew up here. I am an interesting, fun loving guy with a good sense of humor. One thing about me that is important to know though is that at first I come of as a very shy individualistic guy but once I get to un people and are comfortable with my environment I am great.

I joke, laugh and humor people and I also get as much as I give. I am a very kind, compassionate, sensitive guy as my close friends will tell you. I doenload a tough shell but on the inside I am soft. I am also a very principled person and stand strong on what is right and wrong. I am also a very straight and honest person. I understand and know that we all put on a show sometimes and do not show who we really are or what we feel but some people do this constantly and those kinds of people I cannot stand.

Academically I am a student who likes to be mentally challenged and I enjoy both hands on projects as well as conventional learning. I am an enthusiastic drama student and I love to act. I also enjoy math and economics. Last year I had many different types of roles in both small and large productions at ASB. I enjoy TOK class as it is often different from other englihs but yet as meaningful. It provides you with great insight on many things one does not normally think about.

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TERRORISM TERRORISM Over the past decade, terrorism has become not only popular but also very dangerous throughout the world. With several advancements in the technological field, terrorists have been able to strike more efficient and harder than ever. The amount of terrorist attacks has been increasing by great amounts for the past ten years and it seems that there is nothing that can slow it down. One may ask, if we know there are terrorists out there, then why can't we just stop them and put them in jail.

The reason why it is extremely hard for counterterrorist groups to capture terrorists is due to the tactical advantages they hold over the counter-terrorists. Some of these advantages are giving false information to authorities and the public, the public having a lack of understanding of their culture or religion, globalization and technology.

With several advantages and disadvantages playing on the side of both terrorists and counter-terrorists, it is important for people to understand how dangerous terrorism truly is and how difficult it is to stop. There is no doubt that terrorism will continue to strive, but it is counterterrorist groups' jobs to contain it. Terrorism is not an actual thing, it is an idea and only time will tell if it will continue to flourish or be contained. Many believe that terrorism can be related to a sport with terrorist groups as the offense and counterterrorist groups and the defense. Terrorist groups are continuously trying to find ways to get attention and make their beliefs heard by the public while counter-terrorists are constantly trying to protect the public from threats as well as attacks.

The hard part for counter-terrorists is trying to read what terrorists are going to do next and acting on it before the terrorist group strikes. It takes a lot of time, effort, patience, and technology to gain the right amount of intelligence to go after a suspected terrorist. With that in mind, it is understandable why counterterrorist groups have so much trouble tracking and capturing terrorists. With religion becoming the new justification for terrorist acts, terrorism has become much more dangerous.

With political justifications backing terrorism in earlier years, terrorist groups found it hard to gain the support they needed to carry out massive attacks. With religious beliefs now justifying most terrorist acts, terrorists have found ways to use it as a tactical advantage over article source groups. As politics is a norm throughout most of the world, religion is the complete opposite. There are several religions in today's world and for somebody to fully understand another religion takes years of study and practice.