Essay about rabindranath tagore in english


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Rabindrantah Tagore is the greatest Indian poet. He was born in May 6, at Jorasanka in Kolkata.

People call these songs "Rabindra Essay about rabindranath tagore in english which means "Tagore Song" in English. Song Offeringsthe most acclaimed of them, contains poems from other works besides its namesake. Besides these, he wrote musical dramas, dance dramas, essays of all types, travel diaries, and two autobiographies, one in his middle years and the other shortly before his death in But it is mainly as a poet that Tagore is known to us. Tagore had early success as a writer in his native Bengal. The greatness and diversity of this university is understood and revered even today by educationists and is a true reflection of our glorious heritage. Rabindrasangit also influenced the styles of musicians like Vilayat KhanBuddhadev Dasgupta, and composer Amjad Ali Khan. A free-verse translation by Tagore of a verse of Gitanjali reads as follows:

His parents were Maharsi Debendranath Tagore and Sarada Devi. Rabindranath was educated at home and he was adverse to essay about rabindranath tagore in english within the confines of four walls.

Essay about rabindranath tagore in english

Under the tutelage of private teachers, he was exposed to various subjects. He began writing poems at a very early age.

Tagore is famous today for the thousands of poems, songs,dramas,friction,short stories, essays and articles he has written. His works are famous all over the world.

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He was the first Indian to recieve the Nobel Prize for his poetic creation " Gitanjali" in Added to his credit is the fact that Tagore was also a painter, a philosoper and a great patroit. He is the composer of our National Anthem, "Jana Gana Mana" Above all was Rabindranath's love for children.

He tagoer the outside world-the open sky overhead and the earth under the feet. His wife and two of his children died at a very early age. So he was educated at home by private teachers who taught him various subjects. At age 60, Tagore took an interest in drawing and painting. Between —, he wrote many short stories about life in Bengalespecially rural life. For more details, visit the Tagore's biography page in Nobelprize. During this period, Tagore wrote his Hibbert Lectures for the University of Oxford.

He used to lose himself in joy when teaching little children. His interest in the education of children led him to concieve a much better and healthier education.

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To more than a generation of Indians, he stands in the position of a great teacher who taught them to learn a beautiful languagein the finer shades of poetic art. He has opened to us the beauties of nature. He started the school "Shantiniketan" at Bolpur in the Bhirbhum district of West Bengal. Today it has become a famous university,"Visva Bharti", which is open to students from all over the world

Essay about rabindranath tagore in english



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