Disadvantages of television essay in english


Essay Sample 0 Television is one of the most popular media in most households.

Disadvantages of television essay in english

It has become an indispensable device in the life of virtually every human being. Through television, people are able to see and know what is happening around them. However, the question that you need to ask is; are there disadvantages of watching TV?

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This article explores disadvantages of watching TV that need to be noticed. One of the major disadvantages of watching television is time wastage. Statistics reveal that television owners spend one click to see more watching TV every day.

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This does not mean that they gain useful information within that hour. A television owner can spend the whole hour watching TV without gaining useful information.

Most channels have news updates up to four times a day and current affairs programmes which take a deeper look at the news that has affected the world that day or week. One of the major disadvantages of watching television is time wastage. The excessive love for Television leads to idleness, sentimentalism and weakening of our sense organs and imagination. While having a television at home seems to be a great advantage, the disadvantages are also threatening.

Watching television for too long can also affect your eyesight. This can affect your performance at the workplace or even hinder you from leading a comfortable life.

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Due to television watching, some social bonds are weakened. Some people prefer spending time watching their favorite programs instead of socializing with relatives and friends.

Some people also develop bad habits and characters because they relate with the characters they see on TV. This weakens social bonds among individuals. In see more, watching television for two hours or more in a day has been attributed to behavioral problems. Latest studies reveal that students who watch TV for two hours or more are likely to develop behavioral problems related to aggressiveness, attention and sleep.

When anyone is asked to write about the disadvantages of watching TV, they generally write the basic things they know. The young children spend more time watching television than sitting with books. Many families now also eat dinner in front of the television which means normal dinner table conversation is lost. For adults, there are movie-channels, news-channels, live shows, reality shows, serials, etc. They can also find television as a medium to bring everyone in the family together for some time.

In addition, children who watch too much TV have poor social skills just like adults who prefer watching their favorite programs to socializing. Some programs are not designed for family viewing. Adult scenes that are frequently screened on television can affect children negatively.

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Autumn Banks essay for nz yr 10 english tittle says it all. Many animated programs and cartoon channels are telecasted for kids and children. Use documentaries to quench their thirst for learning. As Winston Churchill once said 'the best things are either immoral or bad for you' television is best in moderation. The main advantage is televisions ability to bring you news as it happens. They only see what are being showed; they become less curious about the world around them.

In conclusion, there are many disadvantages of watching television and they affect both adults and children. Therefore, it is important that you consciously control when, what and how you watch television. We can help you in writing disadvantages of watching TV essay Do you have disadvantages of watching TV essay assignment that is giving you headache?

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