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The beginning of the essay is a crucial first step in this process. In order to engage readers and establish your authority, the beginning of your essay has to accomplish certain business. Your beginning should introduce the essay, focus it, and orient readers. For instance, in an essay about the First Amendment guarantee of freedom of speech, the context may be a particular legal theory about the speech right; it may be historical information concerning the writing of the amendment; it may be a contemporary dispute over flag burning; or it may be a question raised by the text itself.

The point here is that, in establishing the essay's context, you are also limiting your topic.

Some are set in exotic places at least exotic to. Great idea thee theory. An essay can have many purposes, but the basic structure is the same no matter what. Check the order of your paragraphs. CopyrightPatricia Source, for the Writing Center at Harvard University. The spin doctors of the nineties and early s got smart—verisimilitude is the key to belief, and with everyone believing everything they write and they write it because they believe itthe truth is, at best, an abstract principle.

That is, you are framing an approach to your topic that necessarily eliminates other approaches. Thus, when you determine your context, you simultaneously narrow your topic and take a big step toward focusing your essay.

Help me with an essay on the

But as you can see, Chopin's novel the topic is introduced in the context of the critical and moral controversy its publication engendered. Beyond introducing your topic, your beginning must also let readers know what the central issue is. What question or problem will you be thinking about?

You can pose a question that will lead to your idea in which case, your idea will be the answer to your questionor you can make a thesis statement. Or you can do both: Here's an example from an essay about Memorial Hall. Further analysis of Memorial Hall, and of the archival sources that describe the process of building it, suggests that the past may not be the central subject of the hall but only a medium.

What message, then, does the building convey, and why are the fallen soldiers of such importance to the alumni who built it? Part of the answer, it seems, is that Memorial Hall is an educational tool, an attempt by the Harvard community of the s to influence the future by shaping our memory of their times. The commemoration of those students and graduates who died for the Union during the Civil War is one aspect of this alumni message to the future, but it may not be the central idea. The fullness of your idea will not emerge until your conclusion, but your beginning must clearly indicate the direction your idea will take, must set your essay on that road.

Orienting readers, locating them in your discussion, means providing information and explanations wherever necessary for your readers' understanding. Orienting is important throughout your essay, but it is crucial in the beginning.

Students all around the globe get absolutely crazy when essay deadline approaches. Science shows there are strong associations between happiness and helping others. To further illustrate this, consider the second body paragraph of our example essay: No Plagiarism Plagiarism is never acceptable in any circumstance. We guarantee that see more custom essay will not only be delivered on time but will also be of the highest quality. Use either an outline or a diagram to jot down your ideas and organize them. Often, however, you will want to summarize your source more fully so that readers can follow your analysis of it. I quickly adapted a method of essay writing, which I believe simplifies and streamlines the process.

Readers who don't have the information they need to follow your discussion will get lost and quit reading. Your teachers, of course, will trudge on.

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Supplying the necessary information to orient your readers may be as simple as answering the journalist's questions of who, what, where, when, how, and why. It may mean providing a brief overview of events or a summary of the text you'll be analyzing. If the source text is brief, such as the First Amendment, you might just quote it. If the text is well known, your summary, for most audiences, won't need to be more than an identifying phrase or two: Often, however, you will want to summarize your source more fully so that readers can follow your analysis of it.

Questions of Length and Order. How long should the beginning be? The length should be proportionate to the length and complexity of the whole essay. For instance, if you're writing a five-page essay analyzing a single text, your beginning should be brief, no more than one or two paragraphs. On the other hand, it may take a couple of pages to set up a ten-page essay. Does the business of the beginning have to be addressed in a particular order?

In the end, then, one thing is clear: Even the most famous examples need context. If you help others, then they will also help you Helping Others Quotes By helping others we are making this world a need help with scholarship essay better place. Research paper and term paper help: Here's an example from an essay about Memorial Hall. Finally, designing the last sentence in this way has the added benefit of seamlessly moving the reader to the first paragraph of the body of the paper. So, if you were assigned a word essay, using MLA formatthen you would need to use a Times New Roman, point font, with a one-inch all around page margin and double space throughout the essay. Every semester, Fastweb helps thousands of students pay for school by matching them to scholarships, grants, and internships, for which they actually qualify.

No, but the order should be logical. Usually, for instance, the question or statement that focuses the essay comes at the end of the beginning, where it serves as the jumping-off point for the middle, or main body, of the essay. Topic and context are often intertwined, but the context may be established before the particular topic is introduced.

In other words, the order in which you accomplish the business of the beginning is flexible and should be determined by your purpose. There is still the further question of how to start. What makes a good opening? You can start with specific facts and information, a keynote quotation, a question, an anecdote, or an click here. But whatever sort of opening you choose, it should read more directly related to your focus.

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A snappy quotation that doesn't help establish the context for your essay or that later plays no part in your thinking will only mislead click and blur your focus. Be as direct and specific as you can be. This means you should avoid two types of openings: The history-of-the-world or long-distance opening, which aims to establish a context for the essay by getting a long running start: The funnel opening a variation on the same themewhich starts with something broad and general and "funnels" its way down to a specific topic.

If your essay is an argument about state-mandated prayer in public schools, don't start by generalizing about religion; start with the specific topic at hand. After working your way through the whole draft, testing your thinking against the evidence, perhaps changing direction or modifying the idea you started with, go back to your beginning subjects essay on black money in india some make sure it still provides a clear focus for the essay. Then clarify and sharpen your focus as needed.

Clear, direct beginnings rarely present themselves ready-made; they must be written, and rewritten, into the sort of sharp-eyed clarity that engages readers and establishes your authority. CopyrightPatricia Kain, for the Writing Center at Harvard University.


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