An essay on the film harry potter


Or a younger Dumbledore? The director charged each one with writing an essay on their character: Daniel Radcliffe esssay Harry Potter, Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley and Emma Watson as Hermione Granger. As the story goes, Watson, in true Hermione fashion, turned in 16 pages.

Radcliffe turned in a solid one-page composition. And Harrt, well, he didn't do his.

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To clear things up, The Huffington Post asked the redheaded actor if there was any truth to the story. That is true, yeah," Grint said, laughing.

An essay on the film harry potter

Grint had a pretty good reason to shirk "film harry" assignment. As the oldest of the three -- then 15 -- he'd been preparing to take his General Certificate of Secondary Education exams, a series of standardized tests taken by British students at high school age. Radcliffe and Watson were a year or two from the tests themselves.

Daniel Radcliffe has the perfect face for an innocent eleven-year old-boy while he does have the look of valor and bravery in his eyes. Because many novels that are made into films are not illustrated, the reader has created a picture of each character in their mind, according to any descriptions from the book, and accepting an actor who may not entirely fit that description or picture is something that many fans find hard to do. A Quidditch match turns ugly and Harry is nearly knocked from his flying broom. What prompted the four different apprenticeship schemes to unite into one What happened after Slytherin left The original role of the sorting poter How Hogwarts evolved into the modern school seen in the books.

Grint explained that he was too harey down with his studies to give the assignment much thought. But finding a place to park an ice cream truck has proven more trouble than not, considering its affect on pedestrians.

An essay on the film harry potter

When we spoke, he'd just learned about a popular theory on his character's true identity -- fans know it as "Ronbledore. Grint needed to do more research before visit web page an opinion; J. An offbeat story peppered with cartoonish violence, the film indulges conspiracy theorists' ideas about NASA's moon landing.

Grint's Johnny is an ungifted band manager looking to make some cash by conning his way into a CIA plot led by Agent Kidman Pearlman to produce fake video footage of men on the moon with Stanley Kubrick. Something of an armchair conspiracist himself, Grint was naturally attracted to the script, he explained. But he thinks it'd be fun to work with his "Harry Potter" co-stars an essay on the film harry potter in the future.

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