Essay advantages and disadvantages of study abroad


The advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad.

essay on studying abroad advantages

Dear All, I am new member on this forum. I think this is a good forum to help each other improving our language. This is my essay about the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad.

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Could you guy can give me some advice on my essay? Thank in advance for your kindness.

When people's standard of living increase,they often think about improving their knowledge for a better life. To do that,they choose to study in developed contries where they can get progressive education. However,everything has its advantages and disadvantages,so studying abroad is not an exeptation.

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In my opinion, I think studying abroad is the beat way to improve ourselve. As you know, there are obvious advantages to study abroad.

Essay advantages and disadvantages of study abroad

Fristly, We have chance to improve our language. I think nothing is better than to learn language with the native speakers. Because we can practise with the local people what we study at school, so it is very useful to improve our listening and speaking skills.

It also offer chances to discover the new cultures,way of thinking,history,customs and lifestyles. Futhermore, we have opportunities to study the new technologies and most recent science achivements.

Communication is one major of the major hurdle for most of the students studying in abroad. This sometimes affects them to a greater extent. It is a natural tendency among the organizations or the society to develop more expectations once they find your graduation from abroad. You may find yourself feeling alone and without any of the social and emotional support from relatives and old friends that you might normally take for granted back in your home country. As a result, we could neither study or gain beautiful experiences as we have expected. During their study, they can acquire some interpersonal skills.

In addition, we are equipped with the valuaable and updated knowledge which may help us find jobs easily after graduating. However, studying abroad is often expensive.

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We have to check this out not only for our school fees but also for our living cost. Therefore, finance may become the biggest problem.

  • This will improve your social skills.
  • It can also give you insights and perspective on your home culture.
  • Education in abroad might have lots of disadvantages but still all these negatives can be overcome by the positive outlook.

Consequently, it distracts our mind from studying to earning money. Last but not least,adapting to a new environment is e real challenge for every foreign student. While changing the weather can affect our health,different cultures and customs may influence our mind and make us become less confident or even a victim of discrimination. Everyday may turn into a struggle for survival in a strange coutry.

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If we dont have enough physical and mental strength,we will fail to adjust ourselve in the new environment. As a result, we could neither study or gain beautiful experiences as we have expected. In conclustion, while studying abraod offers great opportunities for a better future,it also has challenges that we must try our best to overcome what happened to make our dream come true.

When studying in hometown, students will get to the only origin of a particular group of the country. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. The fact that you have lived and studied abroad shows that you possess valuable workplace qualities such as independence, initiative, and resilience. Good value in hometown: Pitching good investors to run a business: Firstly, the youth can study in foreign universities in order to become prosperous specialists, which is not a trivial goal to achieve in the native country. For one thing, you must be away from your family and your intimate friends for a while.

Therefore,If you have a chance i think you should take that chance to study abroad.


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