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Advantages and Disadvantages of Television On By Omna Roy Category: Scientifically, it is only a higher form of the radio. In addition to its old function of passing on sounds, it transmits and receives visual images using electromagnetic radiation.

First developed in UK by John Logie Baird inTV has today evolved into the most powerful instrument of audio-visual communication. To our common folk this instantaneous reproduction of both sight and sound still appears magical. They are simply overwhelmed with wonder and joy as they see and hear people who click be thousands of miles away.

Even davantages they leave, wonder does not seem to have gone out of their eyes.

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Relief from anxiety and monotony: Television advahtages and instructs us in various ways. We all get very tired when we return home after working outside for the entire day.

We can watch television shows while relaxing on the sofa at our drawing room. It fills our life with vigor. There is no doubt for the fact the television offers wide variety of entertainment both for the adults and the kids as well.

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Television offers entertainment for every one of us. For adults, there are movie-channels, news-channels, live shows, reality shows, serials, etc. For small children, there are cartoon-networks, educational-networks, etc.

Another advantage of television is that it helps to focus the attention of the people on social and political evils prevailing in society. Finally, television is a source of recreation. That is hours a year and hours in ten years. Live events of various music shows, award functions, etc. Negatively effects the studies of the children: Though educational programs are telecasted in Television, kids and children tend to watch only cartoon programs and time consuming programs. You can only imagine what you could do with that time, it is possible to learn a language or do a university course. Increasing cases of eye-problem from tinder age.

The media men have regular interviews with eminent writers, scholars, scientists and other celebrities. These extend our awareness of various subjects and sharpen our desire for knowledge and understanding. There is no end to advantages and disadvantages of tv essay pleasures.

8. Ads have more benefits than disadvantages Agree or disagree

It caters to millions of people of all age. They are thrilled as they witness live-cast shows of important games and incidents. Major international games such as Olympics are shown live on the television.

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Live events of various music shows, award functions, etc. Various documentaries are also made to raise the consciousness of the people so that the society can be benefited by their actions. The harmful effects of drug, alcohol, smoking, etc. Disadvantages In spite of its popularity, television is not free from disadvantages.

That calls forth certain criticisms.

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Negatively effects the studies of the disadvanntages The young children spend more time watching television than sitting with books. Click the following article greatly affects their studies.

  • It is present in all walks of life.
  • It is an effective medium for imparting civic sense among citizens.
  • We can become skilful and clever at doing jobs, making cakes or arranging flowers through practical courses taught on television.

Dull and indecent programs: It divert the attention of the youth. It creates certain feelings in them which are detrimental to their future. Some of the cinema shows and advertisements are unhealthy for youngsters. They waste immense time doing nothing while watching television. Quality of educational programs: The national educational disadvanyages are yet to come up to our expectations. The number of quality education programs are few.

The excessive love for Television leads to idleness, sentimentalism and weakening of our sense organs and imagination. During holidays, instead of going out in the open and play some sports, the youngsters prefer to remain idle watching television.

Advantages and disadvantages of tv essay

People read fewer books: During leisure time, people get enough time to read books dixadvantages do other acts of recreation. However, people are more interested in watching television than reading books. Alienates us society and elements of nature: In spite of the fact that television has some disadvantages, the utility and importance of television in modern world cannot be denied.


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