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Oh, the roads you will travel in trying to figure this one out. Chapman from their book, Content Rules: That said, according to the above distinctions, white papers do play a key role in educating and engaging buyers at a deeper level than your typical eBook.

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Create your white paper as part of a broader content strategy. A white paper should be fulfilling the objectives of your content strategy—for example: Optimize the reuse and repurpose of white paper content.

Teams to align with include: Keep reading to take a deep dive into each of these areas. Review the following questions in preparation for title brainstorming: Who is your target audience? What are you providing in this white paper that your audience cannot get wroting Ensure your title represents what is truly in the white paper. Unless you work in a highly technical industry, avoid buzzwords and stick to clear and easy to understand language.

Create your white paper as part of a broader content strategy. Who is your target audience? To write a successful white paper, you must know your audience, state your problem clearly, and make a convincing and engaging argument of how to solve it. The trick is to make sure your white paper is organized and well thought out so that you will create a natural and genuine interest in your services. Creditors and a number of economists have argued A, B, and C. Whjte means writing a summary of your white paper and including an organized list of topics. So, which networks should you consider? Establish a Set Editing Process Know who your editor will be ahead of time and develop a set process.

Consider search engine optimization as part of title creation. Optimal title length for search engines: As they say, less is more. Do take the time to create a shorter, more powerful title. Having trouble shortening your title? Break it down into sections with a colon, or insert a subtitle that can be more descriptive. Similar to the title, time should be spent developing a clear, concise and hard-hitting abstract.

When printing this page, you must include the entire legal notice at bottom. Now, pwper do you get people to actually read it? Next, follow the instructions included in the template to fill in each content section: There are pros and cons to each. So, which networks should you consider? Learn More from Reading White Papers White papers abound on the Internet. Ready to get started?

Write the abstract after you have completed your white paper. Use a direct structure format for the creation of your abstract. Keep it short, simple and to the point. A commonly recommended length is to words. Put the entire abstract on the title page. Then you can use the title page as a separate sheet for your sales team to send to prospects. Add a call-to-action linking to the full white paper and save it as a PDF. Ensure that the abstract answers the following questions: What is included in this white paper?

Why should I read this white paper? Give your audience a reason to take time out of their busy schedule to read your white paper.

Writing a white paper report examples

Have someone review your abstract. Outline Develop an outline prior to beginning the writing process; it will eventually take form as writing a white paper report examples shorter, more succinct cousin, the table of contents. It will ensure your messaging and content are on-target, and that information flows in an easy-to-follow manner for your readers.

The following tips and subsequent section examples provide a good starting point. Yes, it will take time and delay the start of the writing process. However, it will save you an enormous amount of time in the long run, and more importantly, ensure you have a better final product. There are plenty of other formats to provide company or product-specific information to your audience, such as data sheets for example. Be sure to include team members as part of the development and review of the outline to ensure your white paper plan is on target.

Plan on many revisions. Creation of an outline is an iterative process. Map out sections and subsections. It is important to break up your text into several sections, including section headers and subheads within each section. This increases readability and allows your reader to skim through the document and absorb the sections most relevant to their business. The introduction is essentially the next level down from the abstract.

Set up the problem, need or pain point right up front. Use data to support your point s. Provide additional detail to that included in the abstract, but avoid going exxamples too much detail. Indicate the objective s of the white paper, as well as what specifically will be included in subsequent sections. Providing a map or structure in the introduction will help your audience follow your thought process and understand how the white paper is organized to achieve its objectives.

Sample questions to be answered in this section: What is currently happening in the market today? Answering this question will help readers understand why your solution is of value; more info more importantly, entice them to continue repott. What data points help to support answers to the above questions?

Introduce the solution sincluding a clear definition and even a framework or model. Provide a detailed description of each part of the solution. Use subcategories as required qhite help readers draw distinct boundaries between different parts of the solution. Subcategories also make it easier for your audience to follow your thought process and absorb the content.

Be very clear regarding the benefits of each of the solutions, including how it specifically impacts your wrlting.

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Provide specific, real-world examples to support your solution s. These examples provide another opportunity to connect with different segments of your audience. One example from our recent business blogging study can be seen below. The conclusion provides the opportunity to: Summarize the white paper objectives.

Review the problem statement s. Highlight the solutions and their value for your audience. Be rwiting regarding how these solutions address the problem statement s. Finish with a strong pa;er. Additional Resources Provide a list of available resources for your audience. This may include resources you have sourced throughout the white paper. Create a consistent color scheme based on the color of your logo. Use the most dominant color for your section headers.

Use a softer version or a shade of gray as the subhead writiny.

  • You did a tremendous job.
  • If your organization has another writer or editor on staff, then work together to polish your draft.
  • You want to catch people right off the bat with your introduction.

Ensure your white paper has been run through several editors for quality control. Once someone downloads your white paper, it is in his or her possession and you are unable to make further edits. Correct spelling and grammar will elevate your aa and back up the credibility of your company. Use the white paper examplez link to your other content marketing assets, such as other white papers, eBooks or blog posts.

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Substantiate your message by including content from subject experts by getting quotes directly from them or curating their content. For a guide to ethical curation, download our complete eBook on the topic: Content Marketing Done Right. Ready to get started?



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