A white paper means to an end


I help B2B firms tell their stories with white papers based on facts, not hype. Work with me to generate more leads and more sales. How to make an effective call to action in a white paper by Gordon Graham Leave a Comment Any white paper without an effective call to action is wasting a huge opportunity.

A white paper means to an end

Knowing how to craft one can make a big difference in your results. Here are 10 tips on how to write a more effective call to action in your next white paper.

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You use it once, right at the end of your white paper. That means at the end of your concluding summary. In fact, it can be conveyed in one sentence.

So tell them something specific: Go to this landing page. View a short demo. Request a free trial of our product.

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The only exception is a business with quite a simple value proposition and just a few pages on the web. The value proposition was easy to see, and their website only had three pages. For that white paper, I used this call to action: Click to watch, but beware of extreme profanity.

Customer quotes again may be helpful. The White Paper Process. A B2B e-book can be just about any length on just about any topic. Follow up with how you can help.

But a white paper is not the time or place. Instead of selling, a white paper works best if it helps, teaches, and explains. Build your white paper into your sales cycle Most B2B companies that use white papers have a more complex sales cycle than the one I mentioned above. This may take some hard thinking and negotiating.

But without it, your call to action can never be as powerful. Consider your purpose and audience Your call to action should ideally match the purpose and intended audience for your white paper. This is where your white paper planning comes in.

Can Paper Cut Wood?

You want to catch people right off the bat with your introduction. This is where your white paper planning comes in. Include direct, pithy statements of your position to engage the reader. In government[ edit ] The term white paper originated with the British government, and many point to the Churchill White Paper of as the earliest well-known example under this name. Your title should be benefit, not feature, oriented. An e-book may sound like more fun than a white paper that sounds like a lot of work. This type is best used to get attention with new or provocative views, or cast aspersions on competitors. Although this section provides a short summary of what the paper is about, you need to provide enough detail to satisfy a busy executive while encouraging the reader to continue on to the meat of the paper. Remember your audience and use appropriate language and level of detail.

Be imaginative, and come up with an easy next step. A ROI calculator can be ideal for a CFO audience. But keep it believable. Use real customer experiences or metrics to build your this web page. Neither does that ROI calculator. So you better get busy. This suggestion goes beyond creating a call to action, but it will help generate much better results.

Perhaps this is a good time to ask them to watch a short video, or subscribe to your e-newsetter of monthly tips. Your goal in each step is to engage each prospect more, collect a little more information from them, and draw them deeper into your sales funnel.

A white paper means to an end

In other words, build a cascade of conversions, each drawing them closer and closer to the company. Do you have any tips on making calls to action? Please leave your comment below.



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