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Want to use Click to Tweet on your blog. If your organization has another writer or editor on staff, then work together to polish your draft. Establish a Set Editing Process Know who your editor will be ahead of time and develop a set process. This entails asking the following questions: Does this content answer all the questions a reader might have. If something important is missing, note it for the writer. Is everything factually accurate. Double-check facts, statistics, and sources.

How easy is your writing to understand. If there is language or jargon your audience may not understand, note it and consider alternatives. This can be corrected with a simple search on Thesaurus. Start by filling in your title page it looks like this: Next, follow the instructions included in the template to fill in each content section: Now, you might want to adjust the appearance of your fonts and headers. This is easy to do with Microsoft Go here. All you have to do is edit your styles. Now, you can change your standard paragraph text: Handing Off For Design Unless you happen to be a skilled designer, it will be best to have a designer create graphics for your white paper.

Make notes in your doc that include the following information: Two-Column Layout Or Something More Creative If your white paper is lengthy, you might want to consider a two-column layout. If your designer is good, though, you can get even more creative. Simply highlight your text: Then, click Layout, Columns, and Two: Now, how do you get people to actually read it. The answer is with a comprehensive promotion plan.

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Payments Forum Secure Technology Alliance: News Enterprises Should Follow U. Federal Government Standards, Processes for Employee ID Cards, Says Smart Card Alliance Identity Council White Paper The U. The processes and a white paper employee id cards specifications now being implemented throughout the U. It provides a high level overview of the FIPS standard and a summary of the benefits of considering this standard as a starting point for achieving identity assurance and access control across the corporate enterprise. These benefits and more are detailed in the white paper.

Smart Card Alliance member companies that contributed to this report include: Hirsch Electronics; IDmachines, LLC; Identification Technology Partners; Lockheed Martin; Northrop Grumman Corporation; SAIC; Thales e-Security; Tyco International; and Unisys. About the Smart Card Alliance The Smart Card Alliance is a not-for-profit, multi-industry association working to stimulate the understanding, adoption, use and widespread application of smart card technology.

Through specific projects such as education programs, market research, advocacy, industry relations and open forums, the Alliance keeps its members connected to industry leaders and innovative thought. The Alliance is the single industry voice for smart cards, leading industry discussion on the impact and value of smart cards in the U. For more information please visit http: The Smart Card Alliance is now the Secure Technology Alliance..

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Practice Management for the Dental Team, 8th Edition, is comprehensive one-stop resource for dental practice management and the only one that includes EagleSoft practice management software screen shots and exercises for a realistic office experience. This unique text provides practical employer on a wide range of dental office skills, from managing patients to running the business. The 8th Edition covers changes in technology in the dental office, including the electronic health record EHR ; telecommunications; appointment scheduling and tracking, and dental office accounting and financial management.

Patterson Dental EagleSoft practice management content includes screen shots and original exercises that equip you with valuable realistic practice experience. Comprehensive coverage on the business of managing a dental practice provides vital information to ensure the success of any dental practice. Learning Activities and Practice Notes encourage you to numebr the content to realistic office situations and convey important tips and advice. Learning outcomes at the beginning of each chapter frame the content and serve as checkpoints for comprehension and study.

Summary tables and boxes provide easy-to-read summaries of text discussions that support visual learners and serve as useful review ejployer study tools. Expert author Betty Ladley Finkbeiner imparts knowledge numbee advice from her years of experience and wide reach in practice and education. Bibliographical citations direct you to targeted sources of information where additional dental-related information can be located. Appendixes provide supplemental information for quick and handy office reference. Ancillary content supplements the core text presentations, providing opportunities for practice and paper.

Electronic health record EHR content addresses the changes in technology related to the paperless dental office, telecommunications, appointment management, and financial systems to help you become compliant with EHR federal mandates. Practice quizzes for each chapter on the Evolve website help you test comprehension and prepare for classroom and board exams. Artwork focuses on new equipment and technology, specifically the paperless dental office..

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Show Me The Top 10 Landing Page Styles When you think effective written marketing content, what comes to mind. Click To Tweet What is a white paper. A bright CTA button stands out on this gray form, grabbing visitor attention. What does that mean. This form looks intimidating with 9 fields. But, it also might not. This could certainly be something to test. Numerous outbound links give people too many exit routes.

What this landing page does well: Customer badges from Forbes, Fortune, and the Wall Street Journal align Tableau with respected brands. Therefore, the business intelligence trends in the white paper must be good. A field form has the potential to intimidate visitors into leaving the page.

The footer includes too many links, which can distract visitors from converting on the form. Instructions above the form tell visitors what to do in order to get the white paper. An unchecked opt-in box ensures the visitors who opt in actually want to receive updates from the company. This block text is intimidating. Where are the subheads for easy reading.

Where are the bullet points. When you position it on the left, you make it harder for people to read. A logo linked to the homepage gives an easy out to the prospects.

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Ireland Irish pirate Grace O'Malley, known as the "Pirate Queen," led a clan of seafarers and pirates on the west coast of Ireland. Her ships, including swift-moving galleys that were propelled by oars, controlled access to ports near Galway and Clew Bay, demanding payment from merchant ships or even seizing their cargoes. When Elizabeth I —; see entry sent officials to Ireland to force chieftains there to accept English political authority, Grace defied them.

She sailed to London, demanded an audience with the queen, and obtained royal permission to live freely in Ireland. Some considered Grace a brave and daring heroine; others considered her a ruthless thief. Whatever the case, Grace chose a life of power and control rare for a woman in her time. The O'Malley clan's motto, "Powerful by land and sea," was an accurate description of Grace herself. Quoted by Anne Chambers in Granuaile: Childhood and early life Little is known about Grace O'Malley's childhood.

She was the only daughter of Owen and Margaret O'Malley, and she had a brother, who some historians believe was not Margaret's child. Grace's father, who was known as "Black Oak," was chieftain of a powerful clan in western Ireland. Unlike most other clans, the O'Malleys made their living by the sea. They controlled Clew Bay and surrounding areas, where the clan fished, traded, and sold licenses to others who wished to fish in that area.

As was customary in coastal Ireland at the time, the clan demanded payment from ships entering link under its control. This meant that trading vessels were forced to pay a percentage of the value of their cargoes before they were allowed to pass through or anchor. Sometimes the clan seized everything a ship carried and stole the ship as well.

The O'Malleys also raided along the Irish coast, and they transported fighters known as "gallowglasses" from Scotland to Ireland, where they were hired to fight in battles between clans. These Scottish clans were related to the Irish, but also had Viking heritage. They served chieftains in Scotland and Ireland, who hired the gallowglass to fight their clan battles. From about the mids to the late s the gallowglass played a major role in clan warfare and in Irish resistance to English control.

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POA aka Live and Well Certification When a power of attorney POA vetreans used, the lender must verify that the veteran is alive, and, if on active military duty, not missing in action. To do this, the lender must complete a POA certification. Lenders may use this sample document, provided it is on the lender's letterhead. See VA Lenders Handbook, Chapter 9, Section 7. Escape Clause If sales contract was signed by the veteran prior to here of the notice of valuation NOVthe contract must contain the following clause papsr at CFR k 4.

The clause may be printed on the Lender's or Real Estate Agent's letterhead in its entirety as written in the sample document. Lender Certification An officer of the lender authorized to execute documents and act on behalf of the lender must complete the Lender Certification. See VA Lenders Handbook, Chapter 4, Section 1. New Loan Comparison and Visit web page Lenders must include with every Interest Rate Reduction Refinance loan, a statement signed by the borrowers writing a white paper guidelines fha veterans they understand the effects of the refinance.

In most cases this statement must also show the effects of the refinance through a summary of how long it will qhite the veteran to recoup the costs associated with the refinance. Lenders may use this sample document. This statement should be on the lender's letterhead. See VA Lenders Handbook, Chapter 6, Section 1. PDF Documents — To read PDF documents, you need a PDF viewer. Links to viewer software can be found at this link..

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I help B2B firms tesr their stories with white papers based on facts, not hype. Work with me to generate more leads and more sales. When is a white paper NOT a white paper. This turned out to be a set of presentations with a talking head giving advice to trucking companies. If you use it carelessly, you will disappoint your best tset. Instead of building up your firm as a trusted advisor providing useful content, you could do exactly the opposite: Is it a written narrative.

Text is easy to review, skim, scan and skip. When executives need to make a big decision, you better believe they want something in their click to read and discuss—not a video on YouTube. White paper test 2: Is it a substantial length. This means helping the reader understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision.

To accomplish that, a document needs a certain heft. I believe that a true white paper has at least five pages of real content, plus whatever front and back matter you include: White paper test 3: Is it for pre-sales. But much of this list is documentation used AFTER a purchase when you need help to install, use or troubleshoot some product. White paper test 4: Does it provide referenced facts. A white paper is not just an opinionated rant.

Please use this term carefully, so that it continues to signify a worthwhile document of value and substance..

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Preparation Know thy target audience: The article you write may supply information to the reader, help him make a decision or recommend a procedure. How much your reader knows will determine what kind of background information you need to provide. For example, what is the reader trying to gain from this article.

New and useful information Keeping abreast with the current trends Skills improvement Practical hints or "how to s" Previous knowledge. Do you assume that the reader knows the basic concepts and has check this out general understanding of the topic. One of the worst gaffes you can make is to assume that he knows a lot more about the topic than he actually does or worse still, assume that he knows nothing and sounds patronizing instead. Deadlines for the project, the purpose, scope, proposed approach and time allotted to write are some of the specific requirements that you must chalk out before you get your hands on that keyboard or pen on paper.

Writing Plan What are the skills required of a writer. Determination, patience and practice. Researching, writing, reviewing and rewriting, rewriting and rewriting. Original ideas and unusual approaches come from random thinking -- a mix of random and logical thoughts. This is a left-brain and a right brain effort. How do you research the content of your article. In some cases, what you want is easy to find. But, article source writing about new trends and new ideas it is likely that you will find information in the most unlikely places.

Personal contacts and friends, your past experiences, printed information, the Internet, visual sources and companies and organizations are the various sources that can form a germinating ground for your research. Use the Internet to search for the information that you need. Research Methods A few search engine tips: Before embarking on the research process, it helps to check on the existing knowledge, either resident within yourself, or with your peers or in a knowledge base accessible within the company.

After you have collated all the information you will need in your knowledge base, it's time to start your research. It's important to know exactly what you are looking for. When typing in keywords in search engines, use words that are precise, but not overtly restrictive. Key phrases might yield more accurate results. Using wild cards to truncated key words in an appropriate manner also help here. Use the search engine and the navigational tools within the site, and perhaps modify the URL of the site to help you in your search.